VinciSmile Classic

VinciSmile is a high-tech, orthodontist led company from the United States with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Vincialign Design Center gives reliable orthodontic techniques, highly effective 3D design and custom-made orthodontic appliance adapt to individual tooth morphology and anatomy.


  • Invisible and Aesthetics with thickness of 0.5-0.75mm
  • Great elasticity ensures targeted tooth movement
  • Greatly reduce the possibility of broken aligners
  • Softer scalloped edges increase comfort
  • Simple to clean and maintain oral hygiene, easy to remove and insert.

Single Force:

  • Teeth move at an average rate of up to 0.2mm.
  • The procedure could involve additional steps.
  • Single force lengthens the duration of the treatment
  • Sore teeth experience may occur


Medical Polymer Material

3D CBCT Image Integration

Visualizing dental roots and dentoalveolar boundaries

Accurate 3D maxillofacial structure

Comprehensive information of dental crowns and roots

Conductive to 3D plan programming

What Doctors Are Saying

Dr. Harry Marget

Principal Dentist and Director Australian East Bentleigh Dental Group

This year I was even astounded to see the development of a new and even more exciting system called VINCISMILE.
Without doubt this system has improved and moved the aligner concept to a whole new level, with improved software, and ease of movement abilities.
The system has given users the level of control now that makes the use of aligners, within the grasp of anyone with interest in orthodontics.
I have no hesitation in recommending it to any new users, and other experi-enced dentists. ”

Our practice has been working with VinciSmile two years ago. The quality and reliability of their products (clear aligners and oral scanner) and services are so great. It is a pleasure to work with VinciSmile and we thank them for help-ing our practice succeed. ”

Dr Yajima Shogo

Aoyamadori dental clinic in Japan

Wear each set of Classic aligners
22 hours a day during the 2 weeks

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