VinciSmile Premium

VinciSmile is a high-tech, orthodontist led company from the United States with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Vincialign Design Center gives reliable orthodontic techniques, highly effective 3D design and custom-made orthodontic appliance adapt to individual tooth morphology and anatomy.


  • The latest IntelMove Technology (Tech a + Tech b)
  • Advanced PremiumControl Material facilitates faster and more comfortable tooth movement.
  • For comfort and precise tooth movement, thin, flexible soft aligners with assisted elastic deformation are used.
  • InterMove Tech reduces the force of orthodontic treatment on the teeth to produce painless results.
  • Accurate tooth movement is ensured by the rigidity and stronger control effect of hard aligners. The hard aligner can finish and perfect the orthodontic process during the entire treatment when combined with the optimum treatment time.

Double Force:

  • Increase movement speed from 0.2mm to 0.3mm
  • Painless and comfortable
  • Double force targets precision
  • Increase tooth movement speed and comfort


*Compared to VinciSmile Classic version

Soft aligner-α

Thickness: 0.625mm




Softer force moves

teeth gently and fast

Hard aligner-β

Thickness: 0.75mm




High elasticity modulus

strengthens movement control

More Accurate

Hard aligner with large elastic mod-ulus manipulates stable orthodontic force in long-term, to realize the target position effectively.

More Efficient

The updated aligner material, PremiumControl, reaches the target position faster.

More Comfortable

Each step starts with a soft aligner to optimize the comfort-able experience.

More Hygienic

U.S. FDA approved product; Greatly reduce aligner wearing time, beneficial to keep oral hygiene.

IntelMove Tech·α

IntelMove Tech·β


Biocompatible High-Performance Material

The updated aligner material, PremiumControl, performs well in elastic modulus, tear resistance, etc., efficiently moving teeth.

0.625mm α aligner and 0.75mm β aligner both create VinciSmile Premium

Higher Elastic Modulus

Excellent Tear Resistance

Superior Force Control


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