Guided Surgery Treatment

Differentiate your practice with guided surgery


Patients’ expectations regarding tooth replacement are increasing and are even higher when it comes to treatment duration and esthetic outcomes. The Neodent® Guided Surgery helps clinicians to provide prosthetically driven treatments, enabling them to perform immediate protocols with peace of mind, fulfilling patients’ expectations.


Enjoy more treatment flexibility to create the optimal tooth replacement outcomes for all indications, from single tooth to fully edentulous, in all bone types with the GM Guided Surgery Surgical kit.



Improve patient quality of life

• Functional with an immediate fixed restoration.
• Esthetical with a personalized restoration and less bone remodeling.
• Comfort by the reduction of operative and postoperative discomfort (e.g. reduced patient chair time and option to mouth opening restriction).

Access to more treatment options

• Reliable access to flapless surgery.
• Designed to reduce bone grafting procedures.
• Predictable immediate protocols.

Increase patient acceptance

• Better communication building trust with patients.
• Reliable treatment estimates from root to tooth including components and procedures.

Features & Benefits


Helix and Drive
Grand Morse Implants portfolio


Color-coded instruments
and symbol-marked


2 options for sleeve heights 2 options for drills lengths


The patient is scanned with a commercially available 3D (CB)CT scanner that delivers DICOM, which are combined with intraoral or lab scanning STL images from the patient.

The 3D dataset (DICOM) can be imported directly into commercially available planning softwares and superimposed with the intraoral image (STL). The implant is positioned with respect to the patient’s anatomy and the desired prosthetic outcome. Neodent Guided Surgery is compatible with major commercially available softwares.

Planning software provides the design of the surgical guide for the production and the surgical protocol for the Neodent Guided Surgery instruments. The surgical guide contains the Neodent sleeves that guide the instruments and the implants.

Guided surgery is designed to reduce chair time and postoperative discomfort. It helps increasing implant positioning accuracy.

Neodent® Grand Morse™ Guided Surgery

Neodent® Guide Surgery Kit

Neodent® Guide Surgery Drills

Neodent® Guide Surgery Drills Guide

Neodent® Guide Surgery Sleeves

Neodent® EasyGuide

Neodent® GM EasyGuide Surgical Kit | Narrow/Regular

for Implants with Narrow/Regular Diameter.

Neodent® GM EasyGuide Surgical Kit | Regular/Wide

for Implants with Regular/Wide Diameter.

Neodent® EasyGuide Drills

Neodent® EasyGuide Sleeves

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